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Pocket-Monsters Go!!

Pocket-Monsters Go!!

Pokemon has been one of the most greatest part of my childhood and it still is today. So this is just towards the dedication of pokemon !! Enjoy!!

[Some of the art that I have posted are of course not mine! I do not own them!

If you know the name of the artist or know where the original picture came from please Notify me! Thank you! :D]


Pokemon Valentines

Featuring Sycamore, XY Starters, Pumpkaboo, Espurr, Sylveon, Kiloude IV Checker, Prof Oak, and Ash. 

Thought I’d make some more Pokemon valentines since Ash was made years ago!

Also, if you have table space at Anime Boston and are looking to share, please hit me up!

$2 each, 3 for $5! Printed on glossy paper. Approximately 3 x 4” each. 

Buy them here!

FAQ | Other Valentines

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